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Pope Tawadros Easter 2014 Message

posted 27 Apr 2014, 08:53 by Admin   [ updated 27 Apr 2014, 09:13 ]

Christos Anisti .... Alithos Anisti  
Christ is Risen ....Indeed He is Risen  

I congratulate you my beloved with the Glorious Resurrection Feast that is the crown of our feasts and joy.  Christ's Resurrection is the main foundation in our Christianity; our Church; our evangelism and our daily life.

Christ's Resurrection is considered everything to us.  The Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ is considered our new life that we can live in.  In Christ's Resurrection, we have three main aspects.  In Christ's Resurrection, we have three main aspects:

  1. Before Crucifixion and Resurrection, Our Lord Jesus Christ was a teacher and a shepherd.
  2. During Crucifixion until Resurrection, He was a re-conciliator and a liberator.
  3. After Resurrection, our Lord Jesus Christ was present and became a companion to every man.  How?
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