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Coptic New Year 1730 am- Feast of Nayrouz

posted 15 Sep 2013, 13:29 by Admin

September 11th, marks the beginning of the Coptic year. The Coptic calendar began during the reign of the Roman emperor Diocletian in 284 A.D. During his time, Christians in Egypt were tortured, massacred, and martyred in countless numbers. As a result, the Copts based their calendar on this event, which is why the Coptic year ends with "A.M.," which is short for "Anno Martyrii" or "Year of the Martyrs."

On celebrating the feast of Nayrouz::-

  • We honour the lives of the numerous martyrs who offered their lives as sacrifices of love for our Lord who sacrificed Himself on our behalf.
  • We joyfully celebrate the beginning of the Coptic New Year

Through the prayers and intersession of St Mary and all the Martyrs,

We ask the Lord to protect us and guide us to do His will.